Vibrant Meals

Let us cook delicious and energising meals for you!


In detox mode

Meals for 6 days and for 1 person (morning, afternoon, and evening). Ideal for an energising diet or detox. Available every 2–3 weeks, at a collection point close to you.



4 veggie lunches. Optional dessert. Available each week, delivery Tuesday morning at the office/home in and around Brussels.



Platters of veggie or vitality (with animal protein) lunches, unique and delicious recipes. Juice and dessert option. Available every day (except Monday). Delivery in and around Brussels.



5 vacuumed-sealed evening meals (with animal protein) for a week off, either on holiday or at home. Family recipes, available during school-break weeks. Delivery via the nearest collection point.

Make the most of life: enjoy our natural and energising meals!

Discover energising foods thanks to our packs of energising ready-made meals that are natural and vibrant... colourful and flavourful meals for 6 full days of detox, lunches, meetings, or holidays. Nothing to prepare – just enjoy!

  • Natural

    Pack 'n Joy, a return to nature. A concept that is 100% natural, based on products that are unrefined and that do not contain pesticides, all packaged in biodegradable or recyclable packs.

  • Seasonal

    Our recipes vary over the seasons with respect to nature and our bodies' requirements. More raw foods in the summer, root vegetables in the winter... we see the seasons pass by on our plates. Delicious!

  • Local production

    A 100% local production with local ingredients.

  • House Made

    Meals that are high in colour and flavour made in our workshop by our chef/ nutritionist and a team of cooks.

  • Lactose free and gluten free

    All our meals are lactose free and gluten free to suit intolerances and allergies but also for optimal digestion.

  • Without added sugars

    No refined sugar is used. Only natural sweeteners are used, such as fruit or honey, which are non-addictive.

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